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Interview with Lahiji, Abdol-Karim

Recollections of childhood and educational history; first encounters with political activism and the National Front; recollections of Tehran University; student activism and government reaction to it; National Front activity after 1953; National Front’s attitude towards the Amini government; on the riots at Tehran University and charges of collaboration between the National Front and General Teymur Bakhtiyar; National Front’s reaction to the White Revolution; recollections of government clamp down on National Front activities, and his incarceration in 1963; on the change in the political climate in Iran after the events of 1963-64; radicalization of politics and the emergence of urban guerilla movements in Iran; recollections of the trial of the leading political dissidents; on Khomeini’s emergence as a national political leader; on the repressive tactics employed by SAVAK; on human rights and efforts to promote it in Iran; on the government’s liberalization campaign in 1977; recollections of the beginnings of the revolutionary upheaval.

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75pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph

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