How to Use Materials

These units on Iran are designed to be used by middle school students. With teacher preparation, however, students in elementary and high schools will find materials useful as well.

Each of the units on geography, history, literature, and so forth, in this handbook is designed to stand alone. That is, the teacher and students can use and understand the unit of religion without having to read each of the other units. In some cases we have cross referenced material in the units.

Additionally, most of these units are designed to take one or two days to complete. The exception to this rule is the unit on history. Since Iran's history spans several thousand years, compressing it into four pages including illustrations would have resulted in a unit too superficial to be worth reading. Hence, it is longer.

For several topics, we have presented two versions of the units: one for teachers and one for students. Throughout the handbook, materials for students are printed on white paper and materials for teachers are on blue paper. The teachers' versions of the units are intended to go into more detail on the topic at hand.

Along with the units for students and teachers, several enrichment items have been included in the Handbook. These are a wall map of Iran, 20 slides with descriptions, and a tape. the tape contains readings in the original Persian and the English translation of some of the poems in the literature units as well as the musical exampples referred to in the music unit.

A note on terminology: Until the twentieth century, English speakers referred to the country we now call Iran as Persia. Iranians called the country Iran for hundreds of years and, finally, in the twentieth century, made Iran the official name for the country. Nonetheless, many people, Iranians included, still prefer to call Iran "Persia". Both names are correct and both are used in the units in this Handbook, depending on the preference of the author. Likewise, both adjectives Iranian and Persians are correct.

And a note on the Handbook on the Web. The handbook on the Web is not yet complete. The student sections need to be coordinated with accompanying slides, descriptions, and music for internet use. That is why in most cases they are not yet uploaded. They will be completed and made ready for Internet use shortly.