The Oral History of Iran program Terms of Use


The Oral History of Iran program of the Foundation for Iranian Studies, launched in 1981, is the first of its kind in Iranian studies-- a path breaker in source material preparation for the study of Iranian history based on the remembrances of participants in or witnesses to events in Iran between 1921 and 1980. The collection contains over 200 interviews representing over 1000 hours of tape and more than 14 thousand pages of transcript. Of these, more than 170 interviews have been digitized and unless restricted by the interviewees are made available to scholars, researchers, and others interested in studying Iran's society, culture, politics, and history.

Terms of Use

To use the Online Oral History Collection of the Foundation for Iranian Studies (FIS) you must first register. By registering you acknowledge that copyrights for audio and transcripts belong solely to the Foundation for Iranian Studies; that the Collection is to be used strictly for research, teaching, and private study; that the transcripts are records of the spoken word and that special care must be taken in quoting from them in order to retain the full meaning, spirit, and the intention of the interviewee and that you will make every effort to avoid quoting the speaker out of context so that the actual meaning is fairly represented. Fair use of the material may be made subject to the normal citing of the source. In cases where the “fair use“ rule is exceeded, special negotiation will be required to establish whether any fee is to be charged. The quotations taken from the written transcripts or the audio files will be cited in the following manner: The Reminiscences of (interviewee)_______________ in an interview with (interviewer)________________, date_______, page(s)_________, in the Oral History of Iran Collection of the Foundation of Iranian Studies.

Applying to Register

Interviews in the catalog are either open or restricted. Application for the use of the catalog may be made by clicking "browse catalog," choosing any of the open interviews, and clicking apply for access at the bottom of the page. You will be led to the application page where you will be asked to submit the  information required for processing your application. You choose your own password. When approved, FIS will register you with a  login and password that allows research access to all interviews designated open. Access when granted is for one month beginning from the date permission is granted. Online access to the restricted interviews in the collection may be awarded at the discretion of the archivist.

Please remember to check your email's spam folder if two or three days after you have applied you do not receive a response in your Inbox.

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