The FIS Online Oral History Collection Terms of Use


The FIS Online Oral History Collection is to be used strictly for research, teaching, and private study.

FIS will review each request in and respond to those approved by sending a login and password that allows research access for the requested interview. Access when granted is for no longer than one month beginning from the date permission is granted. Permission requests should take no more than one month to be processed. Occasionally, FIS may require the scholar to study the material at the FIS Library.

Users may not print or download transcripts and audio abstracts without permission from FIS. In order to facilitate use of the FIS Oral History Collection, while simultaneously protecting the interviewees, the collection is divided between interviews that are open, those that require permission to view, and those that are restricted. All interview transcripts available online are protected from reproduction by being available in the PDF Read-Only format. The audio sections are streamed, thereby not allowing downloading. However, interested parties may apply for access to a particular interview (or particular interviews) by filling out the appropriate request form, as well as the following agreement.

I ____________________ hereby acknowledge that I have read and am fully aware of the regulations governing the use of the oral history memoirs contained in the collection compiled by the Foundation for Iranian Studies and pledge that I will abide by those rules.

I realize that the transcripts are records of the spoken word and that special care must be taken in quoting from them in order to retain the full meaning, spirit, and the intention of the interviewee and that every will be taken by me to avoid quoting the speaker out of context so that the actual meaning is fairly represented. I certify that I am using the information in the interviews for the purpose of legitimate research as defined by the rules of the Oral History of Iran Program of the Foundation for Iranian Studies. My research is on the subject of _____________________, intended for ____________________.

Photocopy Policy

Under certain circumstances copies may be made of the transcripts. Online or manual access, as well as photocopy permission for the restricted collection is awarded at the discretion of the archivist.


Copyrights and Citations

Copyrights for audio and transcripts belong solely to FIS. Fair use of the material may be made subject to the normal citing of the source. In cases where the “fair use“ rule is exceeded, special negotiation will be required to establish whether any fee is to be charged. The quotations taken from the written transcripts or the audio files will be cited in the following manner:


The Reminiscences of (interviewee)_______________ in an interview with (interviewer)________________, date_______, page(s)_________, in the Oral History of Iran Collection of the Foundation of Iranian Studies.


Date: ____________