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Reza Shah: az tavallud ta saltanat (Reza Shah: Birth to Kingship), by Reza Niazmand, edited by Gholam Reza Afkhami, 1996. In Persian 

Published in June1996, the volume is a detailed and comprehensive narrative of a relatively unknown period of Reza Shah's life and times, is also a panoramic study of Iranian political and diplomatic history from the Constitutional Revolution to the establishment of the Pahlavi dynasty. Written in simple and readable prose, it brings to the reader for the first time in one volume many novel and hitherto unknown facts about Reza Shah's ancestry, childhood, adolescence, induction into the Qazzãq society, family life, promotions through the ranks, coup d'etat, relations with the Shah and the court as well as Iranian political leaders and foreign powers, and, finally, the ways and means of ascending the throne. The author has drawn not only on the documents available inside and outside of Iran, including those recently released by the British Government, he has also interviewed, over some four decades, many individuals who knew Reza Shah or the people Reza Shah had met or the places he had passed through during the years covered by the narrative. The book contains interesting pictures and a comprehensive name index.


A Concise Encyclopedia of Iran, Jaleh Mottahedin In Persian

This illustrated Persian tome, which in 14 chapters covers nearly all aspects of Iran's history, geography, culture and arts, represents ten years of intensive research, writing and editing by a number of scholars in the field of Iranian studies, both in Iran and the United States. It is written in scholarly yet lucid language. The author, Jaleh Mottahedin, has limited her interpretations to a bare minimum and has thus allowed the historical facts to create a magnificent tapestry depicting the life, adventures and achievements of the Iranian people in five millennia. Since its contents are arranged in topical rather that alphabetical order, the Concise Encyclopedia of Iran can be used both as a reference work and as a multi-faceted textbook on Iran. This unique tome will provide a useful tool for a variety of readers, particularly the young generation of Iranians who are eager to know more about their national and cultural identity. The volume benefits from the late Iranian scholar Muhammad Dja`far Mahjoub’s actual editing as well as suggestions about its content, organization, and literary arrangements. Much of the credit for managing, editing and completing this encyclopedia is due Iran Nameh managing editor Hormoz Hekmat, whose devotion to seeing the volume through made its timely publication possible.

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Publications in English

The Oral History Collection of the Foundation for Iranian Studies, edited by Gholam Reza Afkhami and Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr, 1991. Includes slides, music cassettes, and articles for teachers and students. Project Director, Mahnaz Afkhami; Editor, Charlotte Albright, 1992.

Persian Influence on the Development of Literary and Sufi Traditions in South Asia, Khaliq Ahmad Nizami, edited by Gholam Reza Afkhami, 1992.

The Origins of Literary Persian, Gilbert Lazard, edited by Gholam Reza Afkhami, 1993.

Calendar Conversion Tables: Hijri (Shamsi and Qamari) to Gregorian, Second Edition, Ibrahim V. Pourhadi, 1993.