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The gallery contains five albums:

  1. The Pahlavi Archives, which is in the process of construction, is currently a collection of images depicting Reza Shah at public events or significant social occasions.
  2. The women's history archives contains images from the 1950s to 1970s from the albums of the Women's Organization of Iran depicting various personalities and events related to the status of Iranian women.
  3. The painters’ album contains photographs of the works of important Iranian artists. We hope to collect an increasing number of works of the contemporary Iranian painters and to present them along with the painters’ biographies as reference for museums, galleries, and interested individuals.
  4. Iran in images album presents slides of sights and scenery that represent various regions of the country.
  5. Iranian literati contains photographs by Maryam Zandi first presented at an exhibition in Tehran and subsequently exhibited at the George Washington University's Marvin Center by the Foundation for Iranian Studies.

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