Contributors to the Oral History Program

Gholam Reza Afkhami Program Coordinator/Interviewer

Mahnaz Afkhami Director/Interviewer

Maryam Aminzadeh Auditor

Mehdi Amin-Razavi Indexer

Ardeshir Aqevli Auditor/Interviewer/Transcriber

Ezzat Aqevli Administrator/Auditor

Shusha Assar (Guppy) Interviewer

Habib Bahar Auditor

William Burr Interviewer

Sima Dabir-Ashtiyani Interviewer/Transcriber

Farah Ebrahimi Interviewer

Akbar E`temad Program Adviser/Interviewer

Shirin Farkhan Typist

Tanya Farmanfarmaiyan Interviewer

Farrokh Ghaffari Program Adviser/Interviewer

Shahla Haeri Interviewer

Mohammad Haqqi Auditor/Editor

Mahmud Hatef Transcriber

Hormoz Hekmat Editor/Interviewer

Vida Javid Typist

Maryam Mafi Auditor

Homayun Majd Interviewer

Farzaneh Milani Interviewer

Ahmad Mirzadeh Interviewer

Hamid Nafisi Interviewer

Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr Archivist/Interviewer

Behruz Nikzat Interviewer

Fereshteh Nura'i Interviewer/Transcriber

Ahmad Qoreyshi Program Adviser/Interviewer

Ahmad Salari Auditor

Shirin Sami`i Interviewer/Transcriber

Maryam Shamlu Interviewer

Pari Yahya'i Transcriber/Typist

Naser Yeganeh Program Adviser/Editor

Farangis Yeganegi Interviewer

Sepehr Zabih Interviewer

Vida Zari-Nejad Typist

Ziya'i, Hosein Interviewer

Zonis, Marvin Interviewer

The above did not participate in the Oral History Program concurrently. Transcription, typing and auditing of interviews marked with (*) in this catalog were done at the Oral History Office of Columbia University. The Transcription and typing of other English language interviews were done at the Oral History Center of the University of Connecticut.