The Symbiosis of Literature and Culture

There are some poets who have mightily enriched the literature of their time by creating imaginative and original works. They are the discoverers of the unknown and disordered areas of human mind. The annals of world literature registers and will, at times, forever remember their names. And then there are other poets, fewer in number, who far surpass those of the first group in terms of their fame and popularity. For, they have not only created beautiful and exhilarating poetry but have in full measure taken part in the social and political life of their compatriots. This is particularly true ofthe poets in developing societies who have come to realize that to enrich one’s native culture one should attempt to strengthen the symbiotic relations between diverse and fluctuating spheres of politics, economics and culture.

Simin Behbahani is among this group of poets. She has ventured way beyond the realm of literature and poetry and has joined the list of Iranian poets, since the dawn of Iran’s constitutional revolution, who have deeply involved themselves with the social and political life of their country. Having witnessed the devastating impact of the Islamic revolution on the fabric of Iranian culture and society she has become, through her poetry, the most influential voice for peace, coexistence, freedom and human dignity in her beloved land.

Javad Mojabi
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