The Ubiquitous Presence of Meskoob

It has always been impossible for me to think about Shahrokh and not remember Roberto Rossellini's comment about the great Italian film director, Federico Fellini. When asked what kind of a man Fellini was, Rossillini ventured: "He is greater than the sum of his films. Years of friendship and close association with Meskoob have convinced me that he too was greater than his fascinating writings. It is indeed difficult to describe Shahrokh's many-faceted personality. Although one of the most prominent of Iranian intellectuals of his generation, he was not afflicted by their usual character flaws. He lacked their egocentric proclivities and despised their false pretensions. He loved life yet was never distracted by the lure of fame or fortune.

Likened by many to epic figures of Iranian mythology in terms of his personality and ethical behavior, Shahrokh was a man of courage yet prudent when necessary; believed firmly in a set of principles yet eschewed prejudice; was outspoken without being boorish or aggressive and was fair and forgiving to friend and foe alike. His outgoing, pleasant personality coupled with a delicate yet sharp sense of humor made his presence noticeable in any gathering. Like a "touch of Henry at the night" Shahrokh's presence among his many friends and admirers was no less than a constant source of hope and inspiration for each and every one of them.

Daryush Shayegan
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