Oney, Earnest R.

Oral History Interview

Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr
Washington, D.C.
May 22 and 29, 1991
138pp. + biographical note + index + photograph
Interviewee Details
Chief, Greece, Turkey and Iran (GTI) Section of the Office of Current Intelligence, Central Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), 1950-1979.
Family and educational background; early career at CIA; on analysis of Iranian affairs at CIA and reasons for U.S. policy toward Mosaddeq; CIA's information on the Tudeh Party in the 1950s; on the Shah and General Zahedi in 1951-53; on Operation Ajax; on U.S. and the National Front after 1953; on General Teymur Bakhtiyar and his removal from office; on the Amini Government; on the White Revolution; on the formation, structure and mission of SAVAK; on Generals Hasan Alavi Kiya and Hasan Pakravan; on the causes and consequences of the events of 1963-64; on CIA's information on the Iranian ulama; the nature of CIA's intelligence interests in Iran in the 1970s; on Soviet activities among the ulama in the 1970s; on General Hosein Fardust; on U.S. listening posts in Iran; on guerrilla movements in Iran in the 1970s; reasons for the collapse of SAVAK and the military during the Revolution; on the Confederation of Iranian Students; on General Ne`matollah Nasiri; on Richard Helms and William Sullivan as ambassadors to Iran; CIA's psychological profile of the Shah; on the Shah's illness; guidelines for intelligence gathering on Iran in the 1970s; reflections on CIA's analyses on Iran.

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