Naas, Charles*

Oral History Interview

William Burr
Bethesda, Maryland
May 13 and 31, and July 26, 1988
274pp. + biographical note + index
Interviewee Details
Country Director for Iran at the U.S. State Department, 1974-1978; Deputy Chief of Mission in Tehran, 1978-1980.
Early career; on CENTO; Iran's role in the resolution of regional conflicts; on U.S. relations with Iran; extent of U.S. awareness of the pending revolutionary upheaval; on arms sales to Iran; economic and business relations between Iran and the U.S.; on U.S. Embassy in Tehran; on U.S. intelligence gathering operations in Iran; U.S.'s Iran policy in the Nixon and Ford administrations; ambassadorship of William Sullivan; U.S. policy on Iran during the Carter years; on SAVAK and the extent of U.S. awareness of its operations; on urban guerilla operations in Iran; on the academicians' assessment of U.S. role in Iran and its handling of the Revolution; Huyser mission to Iran; U.S. views on the Bakhtiyar government; U.S. policy towards Iran after the Revolution; relations between the U.S. Embassy and the revolutionary government; operations of the U.S. Embassy in Iran after the Revolution of 1978-79; balance-sheet of U.S.-Iranian relations during the Shah's reign.

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