In Memory of Ehsan Yarshater




In Memoriam

It is with great sorrow that the board of directors of the Foundation for Iranian Studies announces the passing of Professor Ehsan Yarshater on the first day of September of 2018. A man for all seasons and climes, Professor Yarshater was scholar, writer, teacher, and an intellectual bridge connecting the East and the West. A multicultural savant, he was a major contributor to the proliferation of interest in Iran’s history, literature and culture across the world. His founding and editorship of the Encyclopedia Iranica has opened a new and enriched path to the study of Iran’s history in its cultural, political, social, and economic dimensions.


Professor Yarshater was also a force in the evolution and growth of the Foundation for Iranian Studies through his contributions to Iran Nameh, the Foundation’s journal. His writings—articles and reminiscences-- in Iran Nameh not only enriched the journal, but also encouraged other exalted scholars of Iranian studies to contribute to it.


On a personal note, he was my mother's close friend from their University days and through her last days of life. He was my mentor and guide since childhood. He led me to study literature. In the process of establishing the Foundation for Iranian Studies, his advice and support was instrumental in the success of the initiative.


We mourn Ehsan Yarshater’s passing and offer our condolences to all whose path has crossed his, known and benefited from his erudition, and marveled at his dedication to promoting knowledge of Iran’s past and present.


On behalf of the Board of Directors,


Mahnaz Afkhami

Executive Director

Foundation for Iranian Studies