Ma`sumi-Na'ini, General Abdol-Majid

Oral History Interview

Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr
Bethesda, Maryland
March 29, and April 19, 1991
Interviewee Details
Army Officer; Armed Forces Legal Administration, 1945-1953; Intelligence Officer, 1956-1960; Militarary Attache in Iraq, 1960-1964; CENTO 1965-67; Deputy Minister of War, 1976-1978.
Family and educational background; recollections of the Officers' Training College; recollections of the military campaigns against the Bakhtiyari tribes in Esfahan; recollections of Generals Teymur Bakhtiyar, Hosein Azmudeh and Abdollah Hedayat; on corruption in the armed forces; relations between the armed forces and the Pan-Iranist Party; on the idea of creating a "national resistance movement" against possible future foreign occupation; on the dismissal of General Abdollah Hedayat and other generals in the 1960s; on the battle of Semirom; on judicial structure and process in the military; on the trial of the Tudeh officers; on the events of 1953; on Generals Fazlollah Zahedi, Hasan Arfa` and Haji Ali Razmara; trial of separatist elements in Azarbayjan; on SAVAK and military intelligence; on General Kiya; serving as military attache in Baghdad; serving with CENTO; structure of the armed forces; arms procurement; on Generals Mohammad Khatami and Hasan Tufaniyan; armed forces in the months before the Revolution; on the Bakhtiyar government; on the armed forces' declaration of neutrality in February 1979; armed forces in the months after the Revolution.

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