Etemad, Akbar

Oral History Interview

Farrokh Ghaffari, Gholam Reza Afkhami
Paris, London, Bethesda, Maryland
November, 1982
152pp. + summary + biographical note + index + photograph
Interviewee Details
Professor at Tehran University; Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education and Director of Instute for Research and Science and Education Planning (1968-1973); Chancellor of Bu Ali University (1973-74); Deputy Prime Minister and Director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, 1974-1979.
Family background; education and childhood in Hamadan; membership in Tudeh Party; structure and activities of the Tudeh Party's youth groups; recollections of student activism in Europe; joining the faculty of Tehran University; higher education planning at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under Minister Majid Rahnema; balance-sheet of the Ministry's activities; on the Shah and his approach to debate among the various planners; on the Ramsar Educational Conferences; on the character and leadership style of the Shah; creation of the Bu-Ali University; on the decision to form the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran; planning and operating nuclear power plants in Iran; effect of the Atomic Energy Organization on the national economy; on the roots of the Revolution of 1978-79.

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