Azimi, General Reza

Oral History Interview

Farrokh Ghaffari
June 1990
Interviewee Details
Army Officer; Commander of the Imperial Iranian Ground Forces, 1960-66; General Adjutant to the Shah, 1966-1970; Minister of War, 1970-1978.
Importance of sound historical studies; family and education background; history of service in the armed forces; military campaigns in Lorestan and Kordestan in 1913-14 and also after the WWII; the Azarbayjan campaign in 1946 and service with General Mohammad Shahbakhti; on Teymur Bakhtiar's alleged participation in the events of 1953; as president of the military court trying General Abdollah Hedayat; on the mission and organization of the commander-in-chief's military headquarters (Saray-e Nezami); mission and organization of the Ministry of War; organizations attached to the Ministry of War; ETCA; Iranian armed forces' mission and ideology; Shah's role as commander-in-chief of the armed forces; on Prime Ministers Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Jamshid Amuzegar, Ja`far Sharif-Emami, General Gholam Reza Azhari; on explaining Iran's military defense axes to French President Charles DeGaulle; role of civil defense and partizan groups in defense against possible Soviet attack; on the alleged corruption in the armed forces; on the reasons why the Shah became involved in politics; on the Shah's character traits.

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