Ansari, Abdorreza

Oral History Interview

Gholam Reza Afkhami
Bethesda, Maryland
February 27, March 1, 2, 4, 6, 1991
نگاه کنید به خاطرات عبدالرضا انصاری، مجموعه توسعه و عمران ایران، شماره ی 10
Interviewee Details
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Point IV Program in Iran; Chief of the National Treasury and Deputy Minister of Finance; Minister of Labor; Managing Director, Khuzistan Water and Power Authority; Governor, Khuzistan Province; Minister of Interior; Managing Director, Imperial Organization for Social Services; Deputy to Princess Ashraf Pahlavi.
Recollections of childhood, family and education; on meeting Director William Warne of the Point IV Program; Point IV operations in Iran; on young Iranians' contributions to Point IV and other development projects; on phasing out of the Point IV; on Iran-e No group; on Mohammad Moqaddam and Jamshid Amuzegar in the Iran-e No group; on Fakhreddin Shademan and Khalil Taleqani; as treasurer general; Iran's economic and financial conditions before the White Revolution of 1963; streamlining the Ministry of Finance and the national budget; as Minister of Labor; on Manuchehr Eqbal as prime minister; on the Khuzestan Water and Power Authority: background, structure, operations, accomplishments; on David Lillienthal; as governor of Khuzestan; on Hasan Ali Mansur as leader of the Progressive Circle (Kanun-e Moteraqqi) and as prime minister; on the Shah's support for development projects; as Minister of Interior; national elections of l967; on the problems with the Iran Novin Party; on relations with Prime Minister Hoveyda; on Ardeshir Zahedi; on the circumstances of leaving the Ministry of Interior; on the celebrations of the 2500 years of Iranian Monarchy; as Princess Ashraf's deputy in socio-cultural affairs; as managing director of the Imperial Organization for Social Services.

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