Afshar-Qasemlu, Amir Aslan

Oral History Interview

Mahnaz Afkhami
Juin Les Pins, France
September 11 and 12, 1988
63 pp.+summary+biographical note+index+photograph
Interviewee Details
Majles Deputy, 1956-1960; Ambassador to Austria, 1967-1969; Ambassador to U.S.A., 1969-1973; Ambassador to West Germany, 1973-1977; Chairman,Board of Governors,International Atomic Agency, 1968-1969; Grand Master of Ceremonies,Imperial Court, 1977-79.
Childhood years and educational background; WWII years in Germany; employment in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the mission in the Netherlands; memories of Mohammad Mosaddeq and his aides; on the White Revolution and U.S.'s role in Iran's Land Reform; as Ambassador to Austria, U.S. and West Germany; on the regime's critics and the Confederation of Iranian Students in the U.S.; on the West's attitude towards Iran's economic development; as Grand Master of ceremonies of the Imperial Court; on General Azhari's appointment as prime minister; on the Shah's last public speech; Shah's attitude towards General Ziaul-Haq of Pakistan; Zolfaqar Ali Bhutto's message to the Shah; Shah's intercession on Bhetto's behalf; on the Shah's last meeting with Iranian politians; on the Shah's decision to leave Iran; on the Shah's illness and state of mind; Queen Farah's influence on the Shah; recollections of the Shah's stay in Egypt, Morocco and Panama; Shah's impressions of various world leaders; on oil and oil prices; on the Shah's personal contacts with the Iranian public; recollections of the Crown Prince Reza's stay in Morocco; on the Shah's last days in Egypt; Shah's personal traits; on the West's role in Iran's political upheavals.

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