Princess Ashraf Pahlavi

PRINCESS ASHRAFHIH Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran was born on October 26, 1919. She was with her sister Princess Shams among the first women to discard the veil. She had a leading role in issues related to social welfare, women's rights, and literacy both nationally and at the international level. Before the revolution and for sixteen consecutive years she was active in the United Nations as member of the Human Rights commission, the Commission on the Status of Women, and the International Consultative Liaison Comittee for Literacy, and the head of the Iranian Delegation to the General Assembly. In Iran she was Vice-President of the Imperial Organization for Social Services, Vice-President of the National Committee for World Literacy, and honorary president of the National Organization for Women. She has written a number of books, among them Faces in a Mirror (Prentice Hall, 1980), Jamais Resignee (La Table Ronde, 1981).


In Memoriam--Princess Ashraf Pahlavi